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Before years substantial evidences proving human life were found around Dhantekari area on the western bank of Vishwamitri river. The Human settlement which existed here before five Thousand years possessed enough skill to use tools made up of stones. Gradually the age of transition began. In this area Akota town and its suberbs were gradually Developed and one od these suberbs is present day Kothi area. This suberb which was Developed near a bunyan tree in the area was called Vadpadrak, a name from which the word Vadodara was derived..

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  • Taluka- 8
  • Gram Panchayat- 540
  • Literacy- 81.21%
  • Area- 7550 s/k.m.
  • Population- 41,57,568
  • Rural Residents- 20,59,777

Last Update : 4/10/2017

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